Lake Volta is Ghana’s largest fresh water body, as well as the world’s largest man-made lake, providing millions of inhabitants with a source of drinking water, as well as the electricity generated from the hydroelectric dam at Akosombo. However, due to environmental exploitation, deforestation, and poor farming practices along the riverbank, Lake Volta is seeing and feeling the ill effects of soil erosion and sedimentation. With millions of people and wildlife species depending on Lake Volta for water and electricity, Xorla-Osagyefo Farmers Association sees the need for immediate action towards the preservation of this valuable water resource, through reforestation activities and practical environmental management and education.

        XOFA is therefore mobilizing the local community in projects in tree planting, environmental planning, sustainable agriculture, and community upliftment. Through the creation of organic fruit and nut tree farms and the development of animal husbandry and vegetable farming, the local community will be provided with multiple training opportunities for their future living. The Xorla-Osagyefo Farmers Association has a vision for conscious development and intends to better the standard of living within the local communities involved. XOFA has succeeded in organizing, mobilizing and training of some community members, schools, as well as volunteers to achieve some of our goals.

Authorized Business or Nature of Objectives:  
         i. To educate the public of issues realted to the environment and its conservation, pertaining to their
                areas in particular, the nation, and international issues in general.          
        ii. To mobilize members of the community for effective action in environmental issues in the following
              i. afforestation and agroforestry;
             ii. sustainable agriculture and development;     
            iii. land use, planning and management.

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